Vote to restore America Trump is destroying

Mr. Trump, I am watching the convention with your appearances. “Hail to the Chief” plays as you give out citizenship papers to new Americans. You have nearly discontinued conferring citizenship, so this is purely for show — you want to look presidential.

But I have already seen the real you: The you who ridiculed a disabled reporter because he would not lie to support YOUR lie. The one who bullies senators and representatives with denigrating names when you don’t like their opinions — Pocahontas, Shifty, Lying, Horseface, Low IQ. The one who takes a late call from a foreign dictator and changes foreign policy in the morning by tweet to appease him. The one who refuses to confront Vladimir Putin. The one who disses our allies and made our standing in the world plummet. The one who lies more easily than he tells the truth.

As I watch the speakers, I hear their vision of America under Joe Biden. Ironically, what I hear them describe is the America YOU have created.

Cities are now burning as you ignore the real reason for the protests. Ironically, you send unidentified “policemen” to quell the riots, as if MORE police brutality and unaccountability is the answer. Minority speakers are being marched out to praise you. But your Charlottesville speech, children in cages, and your own record on race show your real views on raising minorities up. You showcase the McCloskys, who brandished guns to scare peaceful protestors walking down a public street, to talk about how our suburbs will be destroyed.

A pandemic you deny is happening kills more Americans each day. You are using hate and fear to win an election.

I will vote to restore the America you are destroying, where we mend our divide, follow rule of law, value equality and justice.




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