Second Amendment dying death of 1,000 cuts

A recent letter by Larry Dubey attempted to explain how repealing the Second Amendment would not be easy and we should not be concerned about it being repealed.

Today, there is no shortage of judges and politicians that ignore the text of the Second Amendment that states “the right of the people to bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” They institute all kinds of laws, interpretations, and executive orders doing just that. They see nothing wrong in requiring you to undergo a background check before you are “eligible” to purchase a firearm. They impose waiting periods before you can exercise your rights. They think nothing of charging you $400 in some states to obtain a concealed pistol license if they allow it at all. They legislate what kind of firearm you are allowed to own if any. They arbitrarily limit the number of cartridges you are allowed in a firearm magazine by picking a number out of thin air. They do not care that their actions are unconstitutional. It’s called a death by 1,000 cuts. It’s a slow process, but in the end the result is the death of the Second Amendment.

So since “infringed” is ignored in the Second Amendment, how about we start requiring journalists to have a government issued permit to work in the media? Or charge $150 for a voter registration? Or require a permit to attend religious services that are not government approved denominations?

If repeal the Second Amendment was attempted along the strict procedures the Founding Fathers left us with, it would be difficult. But the weasels we have in government have voided those guidelines and already the Second Amendment is a shadow of what it should be and it is on its way to total destruction if we don’t resist.


Rogers City


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