Donald Trump not much of a choice for 2020

How many lies are there?

What doesn’t Donald Trump lie about? Wake up, Trump flag-bearers! It does not mean he cares about you. He is using you and laughs about it. You would be much better off flying an American flag than a Trump fake flag.

His swamp is another big, big lie. He was going to drain it and it is now full of alligators and puppets. His lies total, in estimate, over 25,000 to date and his national debt is over $25 trillion. Not very conservative. Am I right, GOP supporters?

Someone said to me recently that it is not her opinion whether she believes or accepts all the lies, corruption, and dishonesty about Trump. In short, she defended his actions all the way! She must not read or listen to anything but Fox News and her GOP friends. This is the reality of the Trump lovers today. Very little common sense, in my opinion.

Thank you writer Alida Bywater, who said it all, why would anyone choose more of the same? Stormy Daniels said in her book that Donald Trump did not have much on top and he had even less on the bottom. That is not much of a choice! Please wake up and think beyond the end of your nose. We can do better.




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