Choice can be made objectively

We all want the best for ourselves, our children, and grandchildren. In providing this we are given free will to make the choices that shape our lives and the future. Our choices are always important, but in present times these choices have become increasingly binary. Objectivity should now replace subjectivity in this crucial time for critical thinking and decision making. Our choices: Constitutional originalism or Constitutional activism; more government or less government; pro-life or pro-choice; Capitalism or Socialism; equal opportunity or equal outcome; liberty from the government or total dependence on the government, happy and content with American life or angry and malcontent with American life; law and order or chaos and anarchy; school choice or government-run K/12; proud nationalism or apologist globalism; power thru strength or appeasement through weakness; factual and objective press and media or biased and false narrative press and media; sovereign country or open borders; power of love or love of power; American exceptionalism or white privilege and institutional racism; all lives matter or black lives matter; strong on China or weak on China; a man with cognitive acuity and energy or a man in cognitive decline and low energy; a man with his own convictions and ideology or a trojan horse from the radical left with no capacity or will to resist them; a businessman and Washington outsider with no political corruption or a career politician with multiple examples of corruption thru political influence; TRUMP/PENCE or BIDEN/HARRIS. My choices precede “or.” If yours are different, please consider my alternatives. With careful thought, integrity, and intellectual curiosity, I’m sure you will find that a significant majority of my choices are best for you and all Americans. Our choices will presage American lives for years. Choose well, my friends!




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