Americans too smart to fall for Trump again

Donald Trump’s handling of the pandemic has been disastrous. Failing to develop a plan to defeat the virus and refusing to encourage social distancing and wearing masks has resulted in over 185,000 deaths. He and his enablers in Congress and his administration have been looking for a shortcut solution or miracle cure since the crisis started, rather than doing the hard work necessary to control the outbreak.

The economy is in disarray because of Trump’s failure to gain control of the virus prior to pushing states to ease health restrictions. Cases spiked, millions are unemployed, and many face eviction or foreclosure. Congress failed to reach agreement on a second relief bill, leaving millions wondering how they and their families will survive. Republicans and Democrats share responsibility for this. However, Trump’s failure to unite Congress and the country during this crisis is the main problem.

His response to the racial divides in America is tone deaf, divisive, and demagoguery at its worst. His “law and order” reelection strategy would be laughable if it were not so dangerous. Trying to convince voters that they would not be safe if Joe Biden is elected by citing as evidence the violence and looting that are occurring during Trump’s presidency seems absurd. Yet, this is the strategy that Trump is banking on. He is encouraging more violence by fanning the flames of divisiveness and fear while refusing to acknowledge the racial inequalities that spur the demonstrations.

Trump cannot win on his handling of the pandemic or the economy, so he is reprising what won for him in 2016. Lies, divisiveness, fear-mongering, and wild conspiracy theories are all he has to offer, and I think Americans are too smart to fall for it again. Trump has had his chance and failed. It is time for a change.




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