Alpena’s pot shop choice is hypocrisy

Soon it will be the best season of all. What season is that you ask? The Christmas season of course, and we will soon be encouraged to buy locally to support our neighbors and friends who own small businesses.

So I was surprised when the announcement of who received the coveted marijuana licensing became public. One local individual was not chosen, but someone from Troy and Ferndale were. It is true Troy and Ferndale are in Michigan, but certainly not local!

Currier LLC is a name familiar to most in Alpena. Dr. Currier has served patients here for countless years, meeting patients after business hours, on weekends, whenever he was needed. He has given time, talent, and treasure to make Alpena a better community for all of us.

After filling out the proper paperwork, paying the fees associated with the paperwork, and securing a location for this business, this community Dr. Currier still serves said no. No to a local family, no to helping a local business, no to buying from someone local and no to hiring local people.

I do not use medical marijuana, but if I did I would want a trusted, knowledgeable local business to fulfill that need.

I hope when I hear those commercials encouraging local shopping, this decision to say no has been reversed. If not, save your advertising money because your hypocrisy will be showing.




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