Vote for candidate supporting environment

As I write this letter, wildfires are raging in California and Colorado, two tropical storms — perhaps becoming hurricanes — are approaching the Gulf of Mexico. This occurrence is unprecedented, according to meteorologists. Recently, a windstorm called derecho destroyed a large part of crops in the Midwest.

As far as I know, Donald Trump has no concern about climate change as he has called it a hoax, and one of his first acts as president was to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord.

Can you imagine Trump camping out under the stars, fishing on a quiet lake, hiking a scenic trail or doing anything outdoors except playing golf? Perhaps that’s why he has no appreciation for clean water or air.

During the last few months I have saved clippings from The Alpena News detailing some of his anti-environmental plans: a proposed regulation to cut protection for migratory birds; ending federal protection for “many of the millions of miles of the nation’s streams, arroyos and wetland”; a rollback of mileage standards that could lead to more climate-changing tailpipe exhaust; gutting a rule that made coal plants reduce emissions of mercury and other health hazards; and trying to weaken a rule that limits the use of percholate — a toxic compound in consumer products that can cause damage to fetuses.

The coronavirus pandemic and its costs in lives, jobs, and general welfare of American citizens is uppermost in our minds. But we can’t lose sight of the fact that our air, water, and food supply are in great danger.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, does recognize and wants to combat climate change. I urge people to vote for the person who wants to improve our country’s environment and therefore the lives of generations to come.




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