I don’t recognize my community, anymore

I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to Tony Wyatt, who allowed me to acquire the last remaining artifact from the Onaway Airport.

My grandparents from both my mother’s and my father’s families came here from Poland and the Netherlands to carve a community out of the wilderness. They did not come here to rape, pillage, or plunder the resources. They came here to build a community. My grandpa Vermilya died in the field pulling stumps with horses. My father, as foreman of the county road commission’s Onaway garage, started having his crew mow and later plow the runway which was to become the Onaway Airport. I will never forgive anyone who allowed the airport to fall into disrepair or be stolen by Rogers City interests. Likewise, I will never forgive anyone who was involved in the destruction of the once pristine Kinney Island Bog and the beautiful Rogers Farm property with the unnecessary siting of the Elk Dump.

I cannot even recognize the community where I was born and raised, the community where I chose to raise my family to become responsible adults. It is indeed a sad day when a community willingly gives up its airport.

Mr. Wyatt’s legal efforts will serve to expose the truth in the court records. The truth that some of us understand and all of us need to know.




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