Alpena has lost a good citizen, a good man

I did not know Mike Polluch very well. But everything I knew about him I liked. To read about his untimely death was stunning and deeply saddening.

I met Mike when he was on the Municipal Council, one of my beats as a radio news reporter. He was always available to answer questions and to explain things in ways that I could understand and pass along to our listeners.

Later, in my own early time on the council, Mike was a terrific mentor. He took me around town personally, walking the neighborhoods, talking with the people we represented. He helped me understand the budget book, the city ordinances, and countless other things that were new to me. When he left the council, I missed him.

In all the ways we interacted, I liked Mike. He was kind, caring, and a very hard worker. Every time he would drive by and see me, he would stop, roll down his car window, and we would talk about whatever. Now that he’s gone, I feel there is a hole in my life in Alpena. I miss him, and I regret not taking more time to get to know him better.

Alpena has lost a good citizen and a good man. Gone before his time. And so those of us who go on on must ask ourselves if we can — in ways large and small — make our world a little kinder, gentler, and more friendly. The Golden Rule is the only rule we need.

Rest in peace, Mike.




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