Voters made right choice with Cyndi Apsey

Almost two years ago, the voters of Caledonia Township chose Cyndi Apsey to serve as their supervisor. Cyndi’s accomplishments during the two years since then have proven that the voters made the right choice and we encourage continued support for Cyndi in the Aug. 4 primary election. Some of her impressive accomplishments include: successful grant application for the Caledonia North End Park, implementation and organization of work bees and community involvement on township properties, transparency to the public through use of the township website, providing agenda emails to the township citizens, encouraging public attendance at township meetings and uploading to the website the audio recordings of meetings.

Cyndi has also been responsible for several hall improvements (new floor, walls, upgraded sign with attractive mini garden); a veteran’s representative to handle veteran issues at the cemetery; a return to reasonable, affordable Township Hall rental rates resulting in increased rentals and has brought WiFi to the township hall.

Please remember that the upcoming primary election determines the next supervisor, clerk, treasurer and trustees of Caledonia Township for the next four years, as ALL township candidates are running on the Republican ticket; there are no candidates running on an opposing party ticket. Cyndi is a tireless worker and promoter of Caledonia Township and has become a valuable asset to the township and citizens. Please support Cyndi in her bid to continue as Caledonia Township supervisor.


Hubbard Lake


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