Vote for Apsey, Roe, Smith in Caledonia Twp.

On Aug. 4, 2020 we are facing election of Caledonia Township officials. I strongly endorse the current board members, except two. The current board has done more for this township than most previous boards, granted most votes were three yea, two nay. They promoted Tolson Park, a piece of lakefront property that was given to the township years ago. The neighbors to the park were not happy. They didn’t want to share the park with people that don’t have lakefront property. They also promoted Holcomb Creek, an 80-acre site that the township has owned for years. The access to Holcomb Creek is through a private road, which the township got the right to use when the property was purchased. Those residents that have places on the private road want to stop the public from using that road.

The current board has done many things to improve the township. The township received a grant to finish the third phase of the North End Park. That work will be completed in the spring. They have organized work bees at various township properties.

I encourage you to vote on Aug. 4, 2020. Do not let your township be controlled by people from downstate. Do not vote to elect a supervisor that was defeated in the last election by the residents. She didn’t do her job and won’t do it if she is elected again. In fact she never was elected to the board in the first place, she was appointed when the last supervisor resigned and could not win election on her own.

Vote on Aug. 4, 2020 for Cyndi Apsey, Sarah Roe, and Cindi Smith.


Hubbard Lake


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