It’s time to tell Donald Trump ‘you are fired!’

This year’s crises of a pandemic and racial hatred have shown that Donald Trump has no ability to be our leader. The nation is in freefall. He is more concerned about reelection than about the American people as a whole.

The COVID-19 crisis exposed this. Trump tried to wish the facts of the looming crisis away for weeks while America lost valuable time and lives because of it. Remember his stand, “We have 15 cases, and we will soon have none.”? And, “It will disappear, like a miracle.”?

Being IN FRONT of this pandemic would have saved lives. With a plan, we could have been less economically impacted. Then he left states to fend on their own, fighting against each other for resources.

He will not unite us against racism because his base includes people who are racist or uneasy about the growth of minorities in our country. He dares not offend them. So he ignores the need to address the racism problem and portrays the protestors as the problem. He promotes using force on protestors, using armed soldiers and pepper gas against Americans! He has made the White House an armed fortress behind a 9-foot fence.

Trump only knows to attack, divide, insult and lie, good managers know this to be, CHAOS MANAGEMENT! He cannot unite us. Democracies depend on the public knowing the truth. Trump depends on spinning the story that makes him look strong and capable. Reality doesn’t matter if it doesn’t suit him.

A leader would acknowledge our country’s anger and grief over racism. He would listen to science and take actions to curb our losses from the coronavirus, both in body count and economically.

Our only hope to really Make America Great Again is to tell him on Nov. 3: “YOU ARE FIRED”!




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