I ask: Has the Republican Party lost its way?

Do we the people have it in us to heal this nation?

As a lifelong Republican, I question if voting Republican in November is the best thing for our country. I am equally not sure that the Democratic Party offers a solution to heal the country’s divisiveness, restore relations between citizens, and reestablish America’s position as a world leader.

Recent events have me wondering what the Republican Party really stands for when I see white supremacists not being challenged for their actions, when there is little or no empathy for the less fortunate, when opposing party voices are ridiculed and denigrated, when the rich receive tax breaks at the expense of others, and when party leaders don’t lead by example. Has the Republican Party lost its way?

Solutions result from the input of different views and opinions. Why are politicians unwilling to jointly work together to secure solutions which meet the country’s needs? Are we too much into the “what’s in it for me?” mentality that we cannot agree? Why is wearing mask now a political issue, rather than an issue of watching out for your fellow man? I fully support your right as an individual to make an independent decision. However, when does that decision give you the right to endanger my health and the health of others? Have we, as a country, lost our collective caring for each other? Are we destined to become so polarized that we destroy the country?

We each have a decision as to how we exercise our right under our democracy. Failure to exercise this right will only abdicate our responsibility and the future to others. Thus, I continue to question if we as a people have it within us to work together to heal this nation.


Rogers City


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