Fournier proven herself on county board

This primary election season in Alpena is an interesting one. It appears that all of our high-profile primary fights are on the Republican portion of the ballot. As someone who has helped lead our party locally (and regionally) for over a decade now, I’ve been paying close attention to many of these races.

Although I’d love to dive into each race and share my perspective, there is one I believe deserves special attention. In District 5, voters will have the opportunity to vote for incumbent and outspoken firebrand, Brenda Fournier, or party newcomer Michael Sobeck.

I don’t know Mr. Sobeck, but I’m told he’s a nice enough guy. While I appreciate his interest in wan

ting to serve in local government, I was intrigued by the fact that he changed his party affiliation since his last run (two years ago). I also wonder whether he would have the time to commit fully to the position, as he said at the recent League of Women Voters forum that meetings are already difficult for him to attend as a constituent. The demands on one’s schedule are heavy for these positions.

To cut to the chase, Brenda Fournier has proven herself to be a fiscal conservative (voting against the recent budget, believing more work could have been done to balance it), is a hard worker (attending meetings, communicating with constituents, and preparing for big votes that come before the board), and she’s someone who is determined to do the best she can for her district. I hope those voting in the Republican primary consider experience, track records, and work ethic on Aug. 4, and vote Brenda Fournier for county commissioner.


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