Americans, we must all pray for our country

I have never written a letter to the editor, but all the news in the last two weeks have placed a heavy burden on my heart.

My husband is a retired state policeman. He served our country in the Air Force and then 40 years in police work. Most people need to walk in the shoes of all our emergency-oriented employees. They all go to work not knowing what or who they will be dealing with. There may be a few bad apples working in these jobs, but there are bad people everywhere, as we see all the time.

Peaceful demonstrations are everyone’s right, but the injuries and deaths caused by these demonstrators is NOT their right. The police are out there trying to keep sanity on our streets, and then you hear they are beaten with bricks, bats, hammers, and stabbed and killed!!! Is this what America has come to?

One of our friends was a state policeman and his son followed in his dad’s footsteps. The son made a routine stop and was shot in the HEAD as he approached the car.

The driver took off, leaving this young trooper lying dead and he died.

What is this world coming to?

Who wants to work in such a job?

Hate the police, but who do you call when you need help? Think about it! All lives matter!

God bless our emergency workers and God bless America.




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