Keep opinions, political agenda out of school

I posted a few months back about the socialist liberal indoctrination happening in our schools.

Well here it is, in today’s paper I read that Mr. Mack has a whole 275 signatures on a petition to change the curriculum and ban the Confederate Flag.

Mr. Mack, do your research on the meaning of that flag, not what your “leftist” political opinion thinks it represents. As far as changing the curriculum to include “black history,” it would be a good start if they start teaching “American History.”

As a recent graduate of Alpena Community College, I was shocked at how much recent high school graduates didn’t know about history and government. Systemic racism, white privilege? I hope you’re willing to accept facts as truth, do the research on that.

And would you accept the fact that slavery and human trafficking are happening all around the world as we speak?

Yes, things need to change, but we need to make sure our basic curriculum is being taught. I’ve seen firsthand the graduates that struggle with basic math skills and no knowledge in even local government. Teach from a base of facts and keep opinion and political agenda out of our education system.




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