Journalists have soiled their bed, now wallow

In recent weeks Editor Bill Speer and Managing Editor Justin Hinkley have been preaching about the need for citizens to support The Alpena News and journalism in general. Hinkley’s May 30 commentary took to task President Donald Trump’s issues with Twitter and Facebook. He began his commentary with the quote, “Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.” — The First Amendment.

As far as the press and journalists are concerned, you can pick and choose which amendments and rights deserve support. The press and Hinkley’s fellow journalists have been relentless in attacking our Second Amendment Rights. So, allow me to quote: “… the right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” — the Second Amendment. The mainstream press has not seen a gun control law or proposed law that is worthy of their objection.

The biased press is losing support of the citizens, as evidenced by drops in subscribers and readership. You can’t get straight news in the newspapers or on television anymore. It is always slanted toward the liberal progressive side. Case in point — in the June 2 paper, the Associated Press (AP) offered their misleading defense of antifa. The article portrayed them as an unorganized group confronting neo-nazis and white supremacists and compelling outside organizations to cancel any speakers or events with “a fascist bent.” Their definition of “fascist bent” is all-encompassing of everything and anybody that doesn’t espouse liberal or progressive propaganda. Antifa is a terrorist group, as evidenced by the violence that follows wherever they appear.

So cry me a river, but I cannot have much sympathy for a press that is rightly suffering a decline in standing and readership among the general population. They’ve soiled their bed and now they need to wallow in it.


Rogers City


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