What about MediLodge, the true heroes?

As a follow up to a previous letter to the editor there was mention of Alpena Community College giving apartment keys to MidMichigan and the Alpena Fire Department employees to use if their families feared for their safety? I also am an essential worker and drive past the college daily and it doesn’t appear that their apartments are full; the parking lot was barren except for one lonely car. Shame on the college for saying, “maybe MediLodge could help and take care of their employees.”

My daughter is a registered nurse at MediLodge and cares deeply for their residents. She has continued to work throughout this pandemic and put her health and her family’s health at risk. She has a husband and two young children at home. As a result of being an ESSENTIAL worker she had isolated herself from her family and lived in their entry way for three weeks. All employees of Alpena MediLodge are HEROES and should have been offered shelter before the fire department or the hospital employees. MediLodge employees are true FRONT LINE workers.

Additionally, my mother was tested at MidMichigan’s drive-thru COVID-19 testing site and was sent to the emergency room because of her level of respiratory distress. They were fearful for her safety and health! The emergency room sent her home an hour later; 36 hours after that District Health Department No. 4 called with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis. I became her caregiver and she is a coronavirus survivor.

Aren’t we united as a community? What about MediLodge? We should be celebrating the true heroes of our town!




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