Thank goodness for The Alpena News

These last few months would have been insufferable without the morning arrival of the local newspaper. We just don’t get the same pleasure reading the local news online. Holding the paper, reading the text, experiencing our own interpretation or reaction to an article, I think, is essential to acquiring knowledge and forming opinions. Reading a book is so much more than “Cliff Notes” or a movie version. Reading seems to give one time to experience as opposed to just watching television and its often sensationalism.

Where else can we learn about the regular happenings in our community? Weddings, educational awards, community meetings, entertainment, all the little things that make up our Sunrise Side family and community. My heart warmed when I read Julie Riddle’s article on “Police Week.” Children and adults have sent pictures and thank-you’s to our local police officers. I wouldn’t have known about the teachers who donated items, restaurants donating food, all the amazing positive giving within our community. Pictures and articles of our essential workers have and continue to be an inspiration during these difficult times.

The regular syndicated columnists enlighten us to other points of view, usually based on factual information. Tim Skubick tries to give us an “Eye on the State.” Our favorites are the local writers, such a gift they give us. I wish more local people would submit writings. Letters to the editor is a must. Agree or disagree, gives us an opportunity to read thoughts, feelings and opinions of our community. I just know taking the time to read The Alpena News is time well spent. Heaven help us if we don’t get to do the daily JUMBLE !!


Wilson Township


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