Show respect, don’t take from church garden

This is to the person/s that does not know the difference between a Church Garden and a Garden Center.

A Church Garden is a private area dedicated to the Lord. It is not a garden that you can dig plants from. Dedicated parishioners had spent hours planting and weeding the gardens so people can enjoy the beauty. It’s hurtful to know someone thinks we did it for them to take.

This year, you dug up plants and then threw some grass clumps to cover up the holes where the plants were. Did you think one would not notice?! How long have you been doing this?

Ask yourself, would you go and dig up plants at the City Hall, courthouse, Safety Building, etc. or another person’s yard? I am hoping the guilty get the point.

We have Garden Centers in Alpena and around the area. Also Facebook and Alpena News had ads — hostas for sale. Walmart has beautiful plants $6.

I bought some because I do not take plants even if I work in that garden you took from. They are already dug. All I had to do is dig a hole and plant them. How simple. I will enjoy them knowing I paid for them.

My question to you is how do you feel when you look at these plants knowing you did not buy but had taken from a Church? This goes to anyone in the past that has done the same thing. Keeping flower gardens clean is not an easy task so why not respect the work someone else does for others to enjoy.




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