I’m floored by a very generous donation

Hello, my name is Lenny Avery and I have the pleasure of serving Alcona County as the executive director of the Alcona County Commission on Aging (ACCOA) — a job that I have found great joy in. Today, May 27, 2020, I was leaving the center to go purchase a trailer for our food bank, when I was stopped by a man standing outside the door. I have to admit I was surprised to see someone that didn’t work for ACCOA.

I asked how I could help him and stated that he wanted to donate to the Foodbank of Lincoln. I stated that he could write a check addressed to ACCOA (Memo line Foodbank), PO Box 218, Lincoln, Michigan, 48742, or go to alconaseniors.org and click the donate tab. After a few seconds, he smiled and stated that he wanted to donate his stimulus check. He said, “I don’t really need it, and I would like to help those that do.” I told him that would be a huge blessing to the people of Alcona. Both he and I left and I didn’t think anything of it until a few hours later. I go an email notification that someone donated $700 to the Foodbank of Lincoln. WOW! I have to say I am floored by the generosity of our community.

I am so appreciative of everyone who has and is still donating to help us serve our community. I am deeply humbled by this guy’s generosity. I hope that God blesses you like you have been a blessing to your Alcona family.


Executive director,

Alcona County

Commission on Aging


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