Hypocrisy in critic, not brave young man

Shame on Robert Page for criticizing a young man’s letter about COVID-19 in an attempt to belittle his thoughts and twist them into a debate over abortion. Shame on you for presuming to know this young man’s position. The two matters are not the same. Mr. Cardwell was voicing his concerns about the pandemic and the health and safety of his compromised family and others.

The hypocrisy rests with “constitutional conservatives” who choose not to wear masks or stay home to help save others’ lives. The hypocrisy rests with those who claim to be pro-life but consent to terminate an elderly person’s life or decline life-saving procedures.

The hypocrisy rests with those who do nothing to support children in need of daily assistance. Instead, they support eliminating general assistance funds that provide for the neediest of our community.

The hypocrisy rests with those who do nothing to support an unwanted baby; support education of birth control options; help the homeless or those without health insurance.

I don’t know if you’re one of those people, Mr. Page, I won’t assume I know your position. However, there is nothing “pro-life” about exploiting a pandemic — which is what you are doing. Abortion is a serious issue and the debate will continue long after this pandemic. Don’t bully a teenager who has the courage to express himself.

Aiden, don’t let someone like Robert Page ever dissuade you from voicing your opinion. The hypocrisy is in him. Be brave. We need young people like you to take a stand!




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