Fix stadium track instead of junior high’s

Alpena Public Schools wants to resurface the track at the junior high. I feel that track and field area at the football stadium should be resurfaced, instead.

Recent improvements have been made to the field that it doesn’t make sense not to complete the project and upgrade the track and field area. It was felt that the junior high track is in such bad shape that it might have to be totally removed before a new one is installed. If this has to be done, why not do this at the “abandoned” track at the stadium?

Also, the bleacher seating at the junior high is very limited as most of the spectators have to stand along the length of the fence. This is not the way to impress opposing teams and their fans if APS is interested in hosting more events.

Finally, I would remind them that the track and field program has developed and produced some of the most successful AHS athletes in recent memory.


Alpena Township


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