Should journalists get to defend themselves?

The obvious answer to the question is yes — however, using CNN and Jim Acosta as basis for reference taxes one’s ability to arrive at that conclusion.

Undoubtedly, Acosta has tarnished the profession of journalism as he often makes himself the story. For example; when he sought to debunk Trump’s statement that people are illegally pouring over our southern border, he noted (while standing next to a section of the newly erected wall) not a single person crossing the border. Yes the “wall” was doing its job. Or how about his reluctance to surrender the mic during a press conference at the White House, resulting in having his White House press credentials temporarily pulled?

President Trump could easy avoid calling on him, yet he continues to do so.

There’s little question, the mainstream media has aligned itself with the Democratic Party and has essentially become their marking arm and voice box. The Dems will say anything, knowing their allies in the press will gleefully report it, without confirmation that there is any association with the truth.

When these media outlets exercise a rigid discipline of verification, in search of the truth, and report such, I’m confident Donald Trump will cease calling them “fake news.”




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