Schools should invest, but buildings wrong place

I’m disappointed that the school millage passed this week.

I’m a “bucket list” student at Alpena Community College. The things I’ve witnessed there are appalling.

Students in a basic math class didn’t know how to do long division, but graduated from Alpena High. In a second year history class, only four students including myself of a class of 15 could pass a 10 question example quiz of a citizen test.

When the progressive instructor (they don’t like being called liberal) asked what country they wanted TRUMP to deport them to, one child said Cuba, the rest were all in for Finland or Denmark.

I don’t think we should be worried about the condition of the building these children are being educated in, but more about what there being educated on.

If this is the future of our country, I weep. As a veteran, I love this country with all her flaws and scars, and took an oath to defend her against all enemies foreign and domestic.




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