Donald Trump dismisses coronavirus threat

As the country faces a probable pandemic with coronavirus, those who remain loyal to the Liar-in-Chief will have their opportunity to blindly follow him to infection. Unfortunately, the rest of us who believe in science will be collateral damage.

Trump fired the Center for Disease Control’s Pandemic Response Team two years ago because, for no other reason, it was an Obama program. Now he’s dismissed the message of the World Health Organization and health care providers from around the world calling the threat just another Liberal hoax.

Against the advice of health care professionals who advocate self-isolation if you exhibit symptoms, Trump says you should continue your normal routine such as going to work, traveling, and being in crowded places. His advice is a recipe for a pandemic.

After planting the seed of doubt on the safety of vaccines in a public speech a few weeks ago, now he lies about the possibility of a coronavirus vaccine being available by August. Simply not true. But in a rare moment of truth, Trump’s Chief of Staff when asked if a vaccine would be affordable for all Americans, his response was that drug companies will set the price since they developed it. So I guess if you can’t afford it, you won’t get it. So much for all of us being in this together as Americans in a time of need.

For those of you who accept Trump’s daily dose of lies, welcome coronavirus! What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. You just have to survive the “kill” part first. For the rest of us who believe in science, we’ll take the advice of the real experts.




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