Some reasons to vote for Democrats this year

Some reasons to vote Democratic this year:

1. You want driver’s licenses, voting rights, free health insurance, and all other benefits for illegal immigrants.

2. You agree that anyone from anywhere is allowed in our country without any criminal or disease checks.

3. You agree that the government should run everything at every level, from health care to education.

4. You agree people living on the street with mental illness or substance abuse problems should be allowed to live in squalor without any legal restrictions or assistance.

5. You agree there are more than two sexes; biological males can claim to be female and compete in women’s sports, use female locker rooms, and vice-versa.

6. Successful people and businesses are bad.

7. You agree the Earth will end in 10 years if the U.S. doesn’t join the Paris Accord. You don’t care what China or India is doing to affect the climate.

8. You agree with the socialists that the United States is an evil empire and must be ruled by people who support Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, and other failed governments.

9. You support the First Amendment — freedom of speech — unless you are offended.

10. You want what our Constitution stands for — life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness — but not for the over 60 million babies killed through abortion.

11. You support stopping the life of a baby at any stage of pregnancy through abortion; if the baby is born regardless of the abortion effort, you agree the baby should be set aside and left to die.

12. You believe everyone is a racist except Democrats, socialists, and communists.




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