Be active participant in schools’ future, vote

As a resident of Alpena and father of children attending Alpena Public Schools, my wife and I are voting YES on Tuesday, March 10 to keep our kids safe, warm and dry and we encourage you to as well. Rather than get into all the details incorporated with this bond, I’d like to write about the most important reason to vote YES. It is not about yesterday’s Alpena schools. It’s about TODAY’S schools and the future of Alpena Public Schools, students and staff.

I highly encourage those that are against the bond but have not addressed your stance with school officials, to do so. By giving officials the chance to respond to your concerns, you will soon realize why voting no would cost much MORE in the future. With roofs leaking and boilers in danger of breaking down, it is imperative that something be done soon. The maintenance staff at APS goes above and beyond to find parts and repair outdated equipment, which has kept them functional well beyond their life expectancy. A new boiler and roof would not only erase the need for constant repairs but will also ensure our schools are more energy efficient.

There are several upcoming informational meetings planned, and even phone numbers to contact school officials for yourself if the available printed and online information does not answer your questions.

Be an active participant in the solution, vote YES. We will be at the polls voting YES to support our city and schools to keep our kids and staff safe, warm and dry and hope to see you there as well.




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