A yes vote on bonds is a vote for all of Alpena

Nearly 14 years ago, my husband and I relocated to Alpena. The people, the natural beauty, and the public schools sold us. We knew this was the perfect place to start our family.

Two kids later, we are very happy with our choice to grow roots here. Our kids are receiving quality educations from dedicated and loving staff. The teachers are doing their jobs but are sadly forced to do them in less than ideal environments. We as a community need to assist the district with the infrastructure so that the staff can continue to focus on what is important: educating the students in a safe, warm, and dry environment. Without the 0-mill increase bond passing, I am concerned about how we will be handicapping our great teachers and their students, now and in the future.

Our schools have been and need to continue to be an asset to our community. If the voters cannot support a minimal level of infrastructure improvements, retaining and attracting great teachers will be difficult. Having a strong educational system is a large part of what draws people to the area. When people ask, “How are the schools?,” we all want to continue to be able to sing their praises.

I love Alpena. A vote yes on March 10 is a vote for the kids, the future, and the entire community.




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