Grateful to ALL Red Kettle participants

A recent Viewpoint in The Alpena News gave a thank-you to all red kettle givers.

I believe everybody who participates in any way with the Red Kettle Campaign should be thanked for their efforts. Not just those who donated into the kettles, but also those who tirelessly spent their hours in weather of all kinds to ring bells at the kettles and those behind the scenes who do the scheduling and coordinating of all aspects of the campaign.

The bellringers are there to bring attention to the Red Kettles and, without them, those same kettles would not be as full as they have been. Since the Red Kettle Campaign brings in about 80% of the yearly funds used by the Salvation Army throughout the year, those bellringers become even more important.

So, to all you loyal bellringers, paid and volunteer, and the behind-the-scenes workers, I send you my gratitude for spending your time and energy to promote a worthwhile endeavor in our local community during the Christmas season.

An endeavor which helps many families who find themselves in a tight situation during the holidays.

May you be blessed because of your unselfish actions.


Red Kettle coordinator


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