Alpena should have only one elementary

Alpena needs one elementary school and all schools need to start at the same time. Our district has one high school, one junior high, and numerous elementary schools. All the elementary school kids eventually go to one junior high and one high school in one area.

Look at all the roofs that need replacing now, all the furnaces to repair or buy, electrical upgrades, windows to replace, playgrounds to equip, parking lots to eventually repave, grass and snow removal, how many doors to monitor and equip with alarms, building insurance to obtain and pay for at each school, principals, janitors, secretarial staff at each school on the payroll, the list goes on and on! All the elementary schools are continually needing to be repaired or replaced because of age. They are old and energy inefficient.

We also have too many bus trips out to get or drop off kids each day on the same routes! A later universal school start time for all schools (8:30) could reduce this by shuttling all the kids in the same area for all schools at one time maximizing or buses and bus staff. This would save money on drivers and bus maintenance. We do it now for the junior and high school. Let’s include the elementary kids.

This is one way we can save money so we are not revisiting these issues over and over again at multiple locations time and time again!

Remember, the kids all go to the same junior high and high school eventually so why not elementary too? Spend our tax money wisely, build one main elementary school at or near the junior and high school. All area grade school kids will benefit from a new school in the same area.




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