Why does News print attacks on Krawczak?

Mr. Shuman has had another letter to the editor published by The Alpena News (Nov. 30) attacking Ms. Krawczak’s articles published in The Alpena News. He has already written about how he finds her stories uninteresting and poorly written and again has felt the need to express his displeasure of her story content.

What I don’t understand is why The Alpena News, and you in particular, Mr. Speer, continue to print his opinions directed specifically at Ms. Krawczak. The Alpena News chooses to print her articles not as an investigative journalist but as someone who is sharing their view and take on life.

Mr. Shuman’s attacks, while pointed at Jackie, are truly at the editor of this paper and the poor job that he feels The News does at putting together a newspaper that is fit for print. I would think as the editor you would defend those who you have entrusted with providing content for your paper but it seems I am mistaken on that.

For the record, I do know Ms. Krawczak on a business level from her work at the Alpena Area Chamber of Commerce and through her articles in The Alpena News.




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