Marijuana not ‘targeting Alpena’s children’

Local crusader Mr. Westfall is at it again, weekly, almost.

No, Mike, the cannabis industry is not “ultimately targeting Alpena’s children.”

Far from it. Adults are capable of making their own decisions. Dangerous negative effects, he opines, as the devil weed he is so fearful of, grows in nature. Personal use is a FREEDOM issue. Medical research has illustrated useful application of cannabis products which improve the daily lives of suffering humans. Equating adult decisions with your narrow biblical vision of rampant homosexualism, which the Bible clearly does not deliver those humans to HELL, except in the fevered minds of interpreters of chapter and verse of the Bible, and makes NO MENTION of abortion, two issues our local crusader uses as proof of the so called “liberal agenda” seeking to corrupt American youth. Television, turn the channel,sir, if what is presented does not fit your life. For America’s children, limit high fructose cereal ads, and endless promotion of plastic toys on the morning (all day long, now) cartoon shows. I have never seen an advertising on any media that suggests cannabis use for children, but plenty of ads for cigarettes overtly displayed on programs and movies. Right from wrong? Listen to some of those false preachers promoting Trumpism. He acts as though only non-liberals know it. Biblical principals are not “what this nation stands for,” despite the Founders’ avoidance of a certain faith, which is all-inclusive.

Find another villain. Lord knows war and hunger and death and destruction are rampant all over the globe. Take a good look at conservative ideals, which seem to include destruction of our environment at the behest of corporate greed, and telling us all how to live our own lives.




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