Alcohol versus pot, make America kind again

My suggestion to your spouting off, Mike Westfall, is you take the first word in your first sentence and each of your statements throughout your speech and replace it with the word “alcohol.” Do you realize everything you denounce about marijuana can be caused by alcohol, starting with addiction and leading to a gateway of hard liquor? You must stop blaming the politicians and the leaders of these cities and say they are not scientists or doctors. You aren’t, either. It is not them who want marijuana, it is the people. How many lives have been lost when it is alcohol versus marijuana? How many auto wrecks, wife beatings, child molesting, child endangerment, when it is alcohol versus marijuana? There will always be pros and cons to everything, but denying American people the right to have something is NOT right, but coming from someone who always denounces and denigrates people because they don’t believe like you can fully be understood.

Kudos to everyone else in the Saturday news that spoke of subjects in a positive attitude. We definitely need more of this happening in this country. Make America Kind Again (because it has always been great!)!




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