Time to end political confusion on Line 5

After several months of political confusion, the Michigan Court of Claims rejected Attorney General Dana Nessel’s attempt to stop the Line 5 project authorized by the Legislature and the previous governor.

Regardless, she has appealed the rejection despite public calls to drop the frivolous case.

The setbacks created by unnecessary lawsuits and anti-energy and anti-environmental politics have gone on long enough. The Line 5 tunnel project will be equipped with the latest technology and most stringent environmental protections available today. It will be a critical piece of infrastructure that moves Michigan safely into the future.

Decommissioning Line 5 would hike energy bills, disrupt essential energy supplies, require alternate transportation for these fuels, increase pollution and hurt Michigan’s economy by costing thousands of tunnel construction jobs.

Michigan’s residents already pay more than $2,000 a year for energy. Why waste taxpayers time and dollars again with an appeal that only serves narrow special interests, and not Michigan’s people?

It’s time to put our unions back to work and ensure our families and businesses across the state have access to affordable energy.


Michigan state director,

Consumer Energy Alliance


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