The real reason Ukrainian aid was held up

Today, Nov. 16, 2019, CSPAN “Washington Journal,” Susan Low Bloch, constitutional law professor, Georgetown University Law Center, explained the constitutional impeachment process. During her explanation, she explained that in the case of President Donald Trump, he used a quid pro quo to help his 2020 election. Apparently that was her opinion.

I believe the real reason for the delay of assistance to the Ukrainians was the concern about where the U.S. Taxpayer money was going. The Ukrainian government has been corrupt in the past. Why have not the European nations, who are in the most need of defense, paying their share to arm Ukraine against Russian and giving emergency assistance? Betsy McCaughey’s Nov. 14 Alpena News column, Sen. Ron Johnson asked Angela Merkel, “Why don’t you fund these things?” Angela told him, “Because you guys will do so.” So Ron said, “We’re schmucks.”

Since President Trump has been harassed 24/7 with impeachment and everything under the sun since inauguration, he wants to get to the bottom of the Ukrainian/Russian 2016 election collusion, FISA — Steele dossier? FBI? Obama? Clinton? Biden? DNC? Corruption?

Hopefully. U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr, Attorney John Durham, and U.S. Inspector General Michael Horowitz investigations will manifest the truth to the American people in all these divisive issues and justice will prevail.

Having called into the “Washington Journal” several times to comment without success, I thank you, Alpena News, for allowing citizens to offer their opinions.




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