My position on climate change misunderstood

You know, I wasn’t thinking of getting into a back-and-forth on this global warming thing with people who don’t read very well. I didn’t suggest that there is no such thing as climate change. You see, all I was trying to say, for your normal readers, is that if there is climate change, there is nothing we can do about it. So deal with it.

You see, apparently, Casey and Sharon would suggest that if Hoover dam should burst and begin to send gillions of gallons of water down the river, we should immediately take our 50 gallon per minute water pumps, which we purchased from the Acme Plumbing Co., and start pumping the water away from the river. I don’t know where to. One would have to ask them.

Or maybe if the temperature started getting a little too hot, go to Barney’s Plumbing and Heating and buy a gillion one ton air conditioners to inject some cooling. Readers, I didn’t mean to say that necessarily there isn’t climate change. My whole thing was, whatever could we do about it? I don’t go along, of course, as Casey and Sharon might, with that nut job bartender in the U.S. House of Representatives telling us that we have only 10 years to get rid of cows, ground all aircraft, fix all buildings in the U.S. to save energy, get rid of as many automobiles as you can, turn off your furnace if it uses coal, oil, or gas, extinguish all forest fires, otherwise the planet is kaput.

Now, Casey and Sharon, read this really, really slowly: I am not saying that there is not global warming, just that there is nothing we can do about it. Now read that again, really slowly about 10 times. Got it?




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