Is News just trying to sell papers with Winfield?

Why is Heather Winfield’s name again on the front page of the Alpena News (Sept. 17) on an article that is not even 50% about her? It must help sell papers. This used to be called yellow journalism — salacious, one-sided, exaggerated stories. What happened to presumed innocent? Would anyone want to send an innocent Christian woman, a loving mother, and excellent teacher to jail for something she did not do? I don’t think so.

This whole case is based on the word of a troubled young man. Even the judge indicated that more corroborating evidence is needed when the witness is not credible.

But why would someone make up such a story? Good question.

Perhaps from anger, maybe for vengeance. Could it be for attention? Maybe he thinks he will get rich. But there is no money to be had. The lawyers already got it all.

Anyone who knows Mrs. Winfield knows she is not capable of such behavior. Special education teachers are trained to work with troubled children and are especially caring people. Her biggest mistake was being too kind and thinking she could help a seriously disturbed young man. We need to pray for all concerned parties.

This whole thing is heart-breaking to me and her whole family. Words fail me. I hope that other friends will speak up in support of Mrs. Winfield. Can you even imagine how she and her family are suffering from these false accusations?




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