Foreign aid has long record of waste, failure

In a News column by Betsy McCaughey last Sept. 12, where the pope calls “foreign aid a farce,” couldn’t be more truthful! Former presidential candidate Ron Paul said it’s unconstitutional to start with. If so, why in the hell are we doing it? Is it a religious mandate that has been imposed upon the taxpayers to police and cater to the whole planet while our own country is crumbling? Aren’t these tax-exempt, pro-aid people wonderful, giving away our money at a time like this while our overall infrastructure suffers. Foreign aid should be voluntary without any tax deductions.

It is very shocking and insane how much money is given away to these rat holes that President Donald Trump mentioned. They hate us, burn our flag, and continue to vote against us at the UN! The columnist said that Mazambique got $300 million of our money and in May got a hike of $110 million more to improve education and health services. She said that foreign aid totals over $50 billion a year.

Brooks Institute President John Allen said the proposed cuts by Trump that millions of South Asia and the sub-Saharan Africa will need “competency in science, technology, engineering, and math if they are to be successful in tomorrow’s economy.” Fine, but what about American teens? Liberals say local government could always ask for more millages.

Critics against cutting and/or eliminating foreign aid say the result will be bring more immigrants on our southern border. However, the Center for Global Development shows that aid does not deter migration.

The columnist pointed out that, with domestic charity, we get to decide where to give it, where foreign aid has a long record of waste and failure.




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