County was wrong to avoid paying sales tax

Is it just me or do others think it’s wrong for the county to hire out-of-state contractors so the county doesn’t have to pay sales tax?

So let me understand this, the county who gets their money from taxes doesn’t want to pay taxes ( to save the taxpayers money). Taxes that local people pay, each and every day, sales taxes, income taxes that’s why they are called taxpayers. So if the county doesn’t have to pay taxes, why should I have to pay taxes? I never knew that I don’t have to pay taxes, that’s good news.

Does the county think they are really saving money for the taxpayers? If people in the county don’t have a job because their government is giving the job to an out-of-state company who would pay local taxes, not the company from Texas.

Those jobless taxpayers will leave the county for work elsewhere. So more taxes not being paid. I’m starting to see a pattern. If taxes aren’t being paid that means services that the county is supposed to perform, can’t be performed. And the few people that are paying taxes will have to pay more taxes to the county. All because the county wants to save the taxpayers money.

I think this is so hypocritical of the supervisor and trustees of this county, to expect the people of the county to pay taxes but the county doesn’t have to. You saved $25,000 of tax payers money, or did you? Is this company from Texas and their workers going to spend their profits here in this county or even this state? They will spend some here, but locals will spend a whole lot more.

If the county really cared about their taxpayers, they would have hired local.


Hubbard Lake