Support county library millage renewal

A fact of life is that if we don’t change, we die. That’s true on a macro level, where Northeast Michigan seeks to increase economic opportunity to keep up with changing industry. It’s also true on a micro level, where changing for survival often comes in the form of a new job or way of eating to improve the direction our life is headed. A somewhat unlikely catalyst for both macro and micro change in our community and in our lives has been the Alpena County George N. Fletcher Public Library.

The library has been there for generations of new readers, be they young children or adults struggling with literacy. The library has offered classes and events for people of all ages to learn new things at little to no monetary cost, giving innumerable people in our community the tools to take on new challenges or gain knowledge on a once-unknown topic. For many residents, the library was the first place they surfed the Web or learned how to use various computer programs. Now kids there are learning how to code!

As the community has grown and changed, as you and your family have grown and changed, so, too, has our library. On Aug. 6, you will be asked to renew the existing millage to allow the library to make the building a safer place, reduce operating costs, and improve the library to allow it to grow and support the community it serves. As a lifelong resident of Alpena County, as a reader who uses the library, as a mother whose children spent incalculable hours learning at the library, I urge you to vote yes on the library renewal millage to maintain this vital resource in our community.