Read Mueller’ report on the Trump probe

Our democracy depends on an informed electorate! A free download of Robert Mueller’s report is at Mullerbookclub.com

On May 29, Special Counsel Robert Mueller held his first public statement in two years since starting his investigation, and it was remarkable: “If we had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so.”

Now that Mueller has said his hands were and are tied, it’s up to Congress to continue on the path toward holding President Donald Trump accountable. This isn’t about impeaching Trump before 2020, it’s about upholding the tenets of congressional responsibility and showing Trump that he is not above the law.

It is your responsibility to read the report that we paid for. There is a reason Trump has been trashing this report, because it is filled with Trump’s obstruction. We are watching it daily! You are watching Trump prevent the other two branches of government from investigating the obstruction laid out in Mueller’s report.

After reading the report, as I have been doing … you can see for yourself just how important it is to read it! When you have members of Congress who refuse to read it for fear of what it says, are they really representing YOU? Just the information about Russian interference in our elections should alarm Americans. Mitch McConnell refeuses to bring up bipartisian bills to stop Russian interference! I wonder why?


Presque Isle


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