Protecting life is God’s choice, not woman’s

Children are given eternal souls by God at conception, and little causes me more outrage than the murder of innocent babies in their mother’s wombs.

Kate Phillips (June 22) proclaims abortion as a woman’s choice. So who in this abortion decision speaks for the unborn child? When the chromosomes of the mother and father deliberately merge at conception, the instant result is the beginning of a life with a full genetic code. Doesn’t this matter? The Bible defines a fetus as a person. Doesn’t that matter?

How about taking responsibility for your own choices? There are multiple preventative choices that both men and women can make to avoid conception, but when your child is conceived, your child has a right to live.

Phillips fails to sanitize abortion by calling it female health care. Statistics show that only about 1% of abortions are for the women’s health. The rest of the time it is a matter of choice to abolish an inconvenient child. It’s sad to see women campaigning for the right to savagely destroy their unborn child.

Abortion is just one of the many horrific examples of a nation’s crumbling culture. Other issues include people being bombarded with constant pornography, town leaders colluding with drug providers to grease the path to recreational marijuana with its poisonous drug culture and the repugnant LGBTQ demand for the Equality Act of 2019. This Act would require by law that churches show allegiance to state sanctioned sexual ideology. Homosexuals are working overtime for this repulsive threat to religious liberty that would put God’s definition of marriage on the wrong side of the law and finish off religious liberty in America.

These issues reflect the spiritual condition of man. Until man’s spiritual condition is changed by the power of Jesus Christ there will be no solutions.


Preque Isle