Get your facts about the Bible straight

In response to Ms. Shiemke’s letter (June 29) comparing Joseph, Mary and Jesus’ flight to Egypt to current illegals entering our country at the southern border, I would suggest that she read her Bible concerning the actual account of that flight. Contrary to her statement, they were not “immigrants willing to face unknown circumstances for a better life.” They were fleeing an edict by King Herod to kill all male children 2 years old and under in the Bethlehem area. Furthermore, they traveled to Egypt on a strictly temporary basis,

As for Ms. Shiemke’s aspersion to “immoral President (Donald) Trump” and “immigrant” Melania, please keep in mind that President Trump is only maintaining former President Barack Obama’s policies at the border and that Melania came here as a legal immigrant. The border agents and the systems and facilities in place are being overwhelmed by the number of illegals, hence the chaos at the border. Please also keep in mind that this chaos has been exacerbated by the Democrats in Congress who have steadfastly refused to address this situation even though President Trump has offered several compromises.


Black River