Failure to uphold Constitution latest trend

The AP story of June 27 about funding the border crises was very alarming, and a bit confusing. I consider the action of the Demorats as a bold act of treason, and a complete violation of their oath of office! Nowhere in history have American taxpayers been lied to, oppressed and exploited! Demorats are pushing for $4.6 billion to care for thousands of migrant children. The House and Senate bills ensure funding could NOT be shifted to Trump’s border wall! The Demorats insisted no money was available for the wall to preserve the security and sovereignty of the American public, but suddenly plenty became available for their future voting people.

Both House and Senate measures contain more than $1 billion to shelter and feed migrants detained, and $3 billion to care for unaccompanied migrant children. Fine. What about the millions of Americans homeless in this country? It looks like the world knows now that the gullible USA is a favorite dumping ground, and thousands more will be coming compliments of the Demorats!

Now that this catastrophic blunder has taken place, Mexico and the world is laughing their head off. Why didn’t the Border Patrol keep them on the Mexican side? Since Mexico let them in through their southern territories, it’s their problem, not ours. Even the late news correspondent Paul Harvey said that “this lifeboat of the world is going to sink.” Now New York and other liberal areas will be giving illegal aliens driver licenses with the right to vote, with 750,000 just in New York!

Current law states that an illegal alien is a felon and should be arrested, detained and immediately deported! It’s not being enforced because treasonous acts and disregard for rule of law, as failure to uphold the Constitution seems to be the latest trend!