Congressman Jack Bergman failed this week

Congressman Jack Bergman shirked his duty this week by failing to condemn Donald Trump’s tweets when he had the opportunity to do so with House Resolution 489. Bergman is in Washington to represent all of his constituents, and they include women and minorities. Trump’s tweets regarding duly elected female representatives (one from Michigan!) were not only damaging to public discourse, they were also racist and against the law. The Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission specifically states that “ethnic slurs,” such as making comments like “go back to where you came from,” are harassment and illegal in the United States.

Bergman’s press release states that opposition to Democratic colleagues’ “beliefs does not equal racism.” This is absolutely true and he is free to disrespect these beliefs, but he and Trump are not free to disrespect the colleagues who believe them. Disagreement on policy is a fundamental part of the political process; personal attacks, racism, and bigotry are not. Bergman’s job is to uphold the law, whether state or federal. Bergman has failed miserably. He should be ashamed of himself.


Rogers City