What happens in government is up to us

We give thanks to those who gave their lives 75 years ago on D-Day, so that we now can live in freedom. Now, we can do more than give thanks, we can be worthy of their action. We are the government, each one of us. What happens on our watch is up to us. We need our good health, education, and be willing to take part in making it for the well being of all. In all levels of government we need good people to serve us. From each township, all across the USA, who meet each month they would like for us to pay a visit to their meetings and see how hard they work. So that we can have good local government. The more we take part, the better it will be for all. Those who died will not be in vain. They held the door open for liberty, so that we could build a good foundation for our way of life. If they wouldn’t have won, we’d all be goners.




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