Police, animal control uncaring to deer

In my last letter, I reported the taking of a yearling doe from my son’s front yard on Easter Sunday by the Alpena County Animal Control officer and a DNR officer. The deer was a free-ranging, never penned animal. They told us it was too tame. However, it traveled the acres surrounding the farm and would stay gone overnight. It visited all the neighbors and they were very happy to see it; al except one on the corner who told the officers it freaked her out. A few days before that, the same neighbor was petting it when it followed my grandson to their home. The County Animal Control Officer lured it to the truck and cage by feeding it an apple. They took it to Montmorency County that afternoon, and the word we received, is that it was shot. I wonder if she was still feeding it the apple when she shot it. Some pretty cold people we have in law enforcement in our community!

I was told that a week and a half ago a doe was hit and killed on M65, and a fawn was there unhurt. Two individuals who were present said they would take the fawn home to raise it and the other indicated she would take it to a rehab place in Presque Isle. The sheriff deputy said they would be issued a misdemeanor ticket if they took it. Deer are not allowed to leave Alpena County. The deputy removed it and had it euthanized. Alpena County has a rehab person for opossums, porcupines, raccoons, everything it appears but fawns. They just kill them or let them die naturally (starve to death). Thanks to the out of control DNR and Department of Agriculture.




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