Culture shifts leave Christians responsible

Listen closely, Mr. Shuman, you may learn something. Once the 23 chromosomes from the father and 23 chromosomes from the mother are merged into 46 chromosomes, the result is a cell with the immediate DNA and genetic code of a human being. It is a life! Scripture clearly defines fetuses in the womb as persons. Children are given a soul at conception and deserve protection inside their mothers. God’s not dead, nor has he changed, and the Bible declares, “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil.”

It’s hypocritical to talk about crimes against humanity in other nations when our liberal courts have insanely legalized the brutal demise of over 60 million aborted children and their entire future lineage.

Shuman has also pontificated in favor of marijuana. He attempted to counter my anti-marijuana remarks a few weeks ago and omitted that he was a partner in the Pearl Cohen Zeder Latzer Baratz New York law firm. That firm identified one of their esteemed clients as “Weed Inc”, which signed a multi-million dollar deal for formulations of cannabis related products.

Shuman is a prime example of how America’s culture has dramatically shifted. Wrong has become right. People now brazenly champion secular humanistic views on issues including legalizing detestable drugs, murderous abortion, damaging pornography, and repulsive LGBTQ demands which have already profoundly redefined marriage. If children are lucky enough to be born, then our culture will expose them to all of these issues in a society that more and more turns its back on God.

This progressive, secular left has intensified its march in lockstep across our nation with its toxic attack and oppression on God’s Biblical Word at every level. Christians have an undeniable responsibility to be involved. This horrendous cultural war is being directed at us.


Presque Isle


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