Chickens of last three years coming to roost

Being a 29-year subscriber to the Alpena News, I have read many columns by people who portray themselves as the sole voice of reason in the arena of public thought and discourse. Columnists trying to tell you that water is not wet and the sky is not blue.

Elections have consequences and the results aren’t always what you desire. I do remember a recent occupant of the White House, whom after an election result said, ” I have my pen and my phone and I know how to use them.” Where were the outcries then, from the press or pundits who call themselves journalists and present themselves as the voices of fairness and reason?

After three (3) years of nonstop innuendo, outright fabrication, (lies) and an unrelenting drumbeat that tomorrow will be the day … POOF!!! A big fat nothing. ZERO Collusion!!

Justin Hinkley, the managing editor of this paper, wrote that the press has zero to apologize for and doesn’t owe anyone an apology after the Mueller report was released. I compare that statement with the people who conducted the Salem witch trials and felt the same way.

The columns by Robert B. Reich are fine examples of tabloid fear-mongering. A comparison would be to read the columns by Walter E. Williams, which explain his thoughts on current events using our country’s history. These columns were on the same page recently and might as well have been from a different universe when compared.

The chickens of the last three years are now coming home to roost and the squawks and squeals of the offenders are increasing and will grow louder as the days pass. There will be many facts uncovered that will plainly reveal who was colluding with whom and for what purpose.


Presque Isle